Final written exam at DTU… Ever?

Today I finished my last written exam at DTU – EVER!? Okay, maybe not “ever”, I can’t promise that, but at least I will not do any more of that type of exam during the rest of my PhD.  It was a 4 hours written exam, which accounts for 80% of the grade in this course. The remaining 20% comes from two hand-in problems we did during the course. So for this type of written exam, it really is “knald eller fald” (I just looked this up in the dictionary, apparently this is “make-or-break” in English). So I had to do a fair amount of exam studying the days up to the exam, especially since I was forced to skip some of the lectures during the course.


Aaand of course I procrastinated a bit… Okay, okay, a lot. Like writing an extremely long post about studying Japanese or looking into technicalities on my blog or writing Japanese posts on – and so much more!  But I still managed to get some order in the example solutions at least (even though I didn’t have time to solve all of them). My idea was, that I would be able to find the correct examples to look at – VERY FAST! ^^


Oh well, I have had many courses during my studies at DTU where 100% of the final grade in a course would depend on one single exam, so this one having 20% from prior hand-ins is something at least. There were two exercises in the exam today (which was 4 hours) and the first one was very easy. However not one person left before time was up (this is not that common for 4 hour exams). Why? The second problem was very difficult. It didn’t quite look like something we had done before, all though of course we should have the tools for solving it. Nevertheless, I think it went okay – I am pretty certain I will pass at least. Luckily the grade doesn’t matter as a PhD student, as it will not be possible for others to see them anywhere anyway.

Additionally I submitted my ICCM conference paper today as well, so now I can relax a little bit more. I do have a course in Aalborg again next week and a couple of reports to hand in, but that almost feels like holiday in comparison. ^^



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