A little bit of shopping

Today, I had a day with no plans, and I decided to go to Shinjuku again and buy the things I have been wanting to buy since coming here, but didn’t have the time. I took everything in my own pace and entered every store that looked a bit interesting. First off, I got off at a different metro exit than usual and entered a department store I didn’t know. I actually only meant to go there to cool off a bit in the aircondition, however I am glad I went there. On the bottom floor I found a wallet with a size fitting a cash based society a little bit better (new on left hand side, old on right hand side). ^^


On another floor I found a 100 yen store selling most of the things I needed for my apartment (like stuff for cleaning and chopsticks), and a bit further up I was amazed by two “hobby” floors. The first hobby floor only included cosplay clothes, and all the personel were dressed up (it was quite awesome).

On the floor above this, they were selling a lot of funny stuff, but also lots and lots of manga. I didn’t buy anything (I think I’ll wait until I go to Akihabara), but I took some pictures. I was welcomed from the escalator by Gintoki and Toushirou from Gintama (It was only cardboard versions though) xD.

(Click arrows for more images)

I didn’t know they had this in a department store, but I think that maybe this was a branch of the OIOI (Marui), and not the main department store building.

Later, I went to Takadanobaba which is only one station away from Waseda station. The other day one of the students at the lab showed me a few nice discount stores here, and therefore I thought I’d try to go check it out. The store I went to is called Don Quijote (ドンキホーテ), and it was awesome. It had almost everything ranging from food, to electronics, to make-up, to clothes and shoes, etc. I was happy, since I found the detergent I had been looking a bit for (I didn’t try that hard to find it before, though). I will definitely go to this store again – it has so many fun and weird things.

Well then, now I think i’ll do some cleaning and watch some Japanese TV! またね




  1. Det ser meget spændende ud. Jeg fornemmer, at du er kommet rigtigt godt i gang.. 🙂


    • Ja, har fået oplevet en hel masse allerede. 🙂 Men er stadig ikke kommet helt ind i en rytme mht. mad, indkøb og generelt dagligdag endnu. Men har jo også ferie denne uge, da universitetet holder sommerferie! ^^

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