I finally got my blog up running

After bothering my brother with several questions about which tools, programming language, host, etc. to use (and then not get one step further because of work), I finally ended up with a site for my blog. I chose the simple solution of using a wordpress template for the site. This might remove some of the flexibility, but right now, I think it can do what I need. I do love programming things myself, but lately I have been so busy with work, that I could not find the time and energy. If I in the future find that the features are insufficient, I can always change it.

So, why did I decide to make a blog? Well… I am going to Japan for 6 months starting from August this year (2015), and I wanted to have a place to share some experiences and thoughts on being somewhere so different for such a long time. I have never been abroad for more than 2 weeks, so for me, this is a huge step. I will surely miss my boyfriend a lot, but I think it will be good for me to be forced to stand on my own two feet, without someone else to lean on all the time. It is of course a bit scary, but as I will be linked to a laboratory at Waseda University, I will not be completely alone.

Now you might think, “So she wants to blog about her stay in Japan in August, but now is only May”, and yes, I decided to blog about random stuff too. I started learning Japanese seriously about one year ago, and in this connection, I started practising my writing using lang-8.com. This is a website where you write about whatever in the language you are learning, and then native speakers correct your post. In return, you also correct other peoples posts written in your native language. After writing a few posts about random things, I was surprised how refreshing it felt. Maybe it is because I always have to think about how I do things at work that just writing about something with no particular purpose feels refreshing – I don’t know. But this is why I decided to create a more general blog with room for random posts! Nevertheless, as I do love what I work with, I might end up blogging a bit about that too. ^^


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