Aalborg, I’m back!

I’ve returned to Aalborg, since I am taking a Python programming course for three days at Aalborg university, starting tomorrow morning. Last time I went to Aalborg I made the mistake of taking the train, but this time I went by plane. Why did I not do this last time? It took less than half the time, and was a much more pleasant experience! Even though I arrived very early in the airport, I could take a look around or sit down and relax with a beer (even though I would have preferred a Tuborg classic).


During my previous train trips, there was no way I could relax at all! Besides, flying from Copenhagen to Aalborg is not even that much more expensive than going by train. A train ticket is around 460kr, whereas my plane ticket was 600kr. I will never take the train from Copenhagen to Aalborg again!

I have never been to Aalborg airport before, and I was thinking “what a cute little airport”. There were only two baggage tracks, and my first thought when going outside was “this looks like a Bilka parking lot”. ^^


I had initially planned not to check in my suitcase, but when I weighed it I had to change my mind ^^. But the luggage arrived really fast (there were like 10 bags in total), and I even managed to catch an earlier bus than I had planned. I was a bit surprised when I arrived at my hotel room, though.


Now I understand the name of the hotel “Cabinn Aalborg Hotel”. This is the smallest hotel room I have stayed in – ever. But you know what… everything I need is here.


There is even a small kettle and coffee/tea rescue-kit, and also free wifi.


The bathroom is a bit small and reminds me of an air plane toilet.


but that is okay. ^^ The hotel is located very central in Aalborg, and it is only for 3 nights.


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