Another addition to my One Piece figure collection

This morning I was feeling a little home sick, but I decided that staying alone in my apartment the whole day would do me no good. So I went back to Yodobashi Akiba (in Akihabara) – one of my favourite shops for browsing since I find something new every time. And I did also need an external DVD drive for the music CDs I rented at Tsutaya, as I realised that my laptop doesn’t have a CD/DVD-drive. I found one that cost around 4000 yen (approx. 200DKK) – I think that’s a reasonable price.


After walking around just browsing, buying some note- and sketchbooks (some with cute covers), buying a new bag for my camera, and realising that they also sell telescopes for watching the stars, I felt a bit better.


I also found that they have a large section selling computer parts like graphics cards, ram, PC fans and much more.



Finally, I went to the floor where they sell various toys and assembly sets, and they had gotten new batches home. The ships from the One Piece anime/manga, which I had admired a bit earlier, were now stocked up, so I bought one with a small version of the Thousand Sunny ship.


I was a bit in doubt if I needed to buy glue as well, but when I got home I realised that its assembled with a “hole and pin” principle and stickers named with katakana/hiragana letters in the guide (it was quite easy to follow even if in Japanese).


…and there were a lot of stickers! They surely weren’t all easy to put on – some of them were extremely small!! I ended up using tweezers. I can’t say I managed to do perfectly with the stickers, but it was nice and de-stressing spending some hours (at least two hours, maybe 3 ^^) assembling this thing.

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But I think the final result got pretty good, and I think it’s kind of cute and cool at the same time ^^



And it fits well with my collection, even though my Luffy and Chopper figures are giants in comparison. ^^



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