Overview of missing parts and pieces from my last trip to Japan

During the last part of my 6 month research stay at Waseda University in Tokyo I was so busy that I didn’t get to write any posts – but not because of lack of writing material. Therefore, even though some time has passed since then, I decided to write about it when I was on the airplane, but I only finished listing everything. ^^;
Below, I listed the main experiences/events that I probably would have written posts about if I had had the time. After I wrote these down, I realised how many things I did aside from work, which was also busy – no wonder I didn’t have time to write about it. ^^ I sorted the main “events/experiences” by month.

November 2015

  • Tokyo Tower and One Piece theme park
  • Skytree
  • Kyoto (Temples and shrines, Nijo Castle, Bamboo forest…)
  • Tokyo Trick Art Museum
  • Pocky day (11/11)
  • School festival in Tama (多摩)
  • Shell fish (貝) in Chiba
  • Shinjuku Gyouen

December 2015

  • “Catch your fish and eat it”-style restaurant
  • Christmas market
  • Tokyo Disney Land
  • Christmas party with laboratory
  • Christmas Eve

January 2016

  • New year
  • Ueno Zoo
  • Asics presentation and unexpected drinking party
  • Watching Star Wars in 4D
  • Ice scating
  • Gibli museum
  • Onsen in Hakone
  • Presentation at Tokyo University of Science and birthday

I would probably be able to write full blog posts about most of these things even though it’s some time ago, but since it takes a long time to write many posts I decided only to write short summaries for all of them and then distribute it over a few posts. Therefore, this post is just an initial overview, and I will add these posts with “MPP: ” before the title. So now you know what’s coming up! I hope I will find time to write them soon.
I’ll be back with more! See ya!


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