New furniture and new job from April!

I haven’t had as much time and energy to write on my blog as I had hoped, but today I was home a bit early waiting for a package so I thought I might as well write a post. I also got good news today. The associate professor at the university got granted money to hire me full-time for two years starting from April next year! So now I have to go through a lot of paperwork (again), but I can relax a bit more. I look forward to receive a salary again. ^^

A few weeks ago, we ordered a lot of furniture for the apartment, and yesterday some important parts arrived. Namely a new bed, sofa and bookshelf. No more sleeping two people on a 1 m wide mattress on the floor. Woohoo! And although the bed was not the cheapest one, I can tell you that it was definitely worth the money. It is very comfortable.


It has two drawers under the mattress on one side, and power outlets (one USB) on the backrest of the frame with space to put your phone. The service of the delivery crew from Nitori (furniture store) was really great and they not only carried everything to the second floor they even assembled the bed for us.


Although we didn’t have time to use it yet, we also got a sofa! So far we’ve been sitting on the floor when watching TV. Although this is not uncommon to sit on the floor in Japan, the carpet we have is unusually thin and therefore it’s not so pleasant to sit on the floor.


For the same reason I also ordered two foldable chairs for sitting on the floor under the kotatsu (Japanese heating table with built-in comforter), and they just arrived today!




The final bit piece of furniture that arrived yesterday was the bookshelves. These we had to assemble ourselves, and I did that last night before Motoki came home. They are just like I imagined and work really well in the room, I think. Now we just need the kitchen counter to arrive to finalise the kitchen arrangement. I also want a new fridge, but that will have to wait a bit (we used a lot of money on furniture this month). ^^



Some other things that arrived today was a stand for hangers to put jackets etc and some cute (I think) small plates for e.g. soy sauce.



So with that, I will end my post for today. Again, it ended up being all about furniture. Actually I also did start experimenting with the new oven, which works quite well, however I’ll save that for another time.


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